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Take your blog to a higher level!

Originality is the basis of a blog’s popularity

Do you have any passions, interests and dreams? Perhaps you love writing and want to share your stories with the world? Maybe you have always travelled and you want to share your experiences with others? Or you just have your own business and you think that running a blog for it would be a good idea? Okay… then you already have an idea. So let’s turn your plans into action and start a blog. Now the question remains: what can I do to make it stand out from others and catch the attention of the recipient?

Animation can help!

Imagine how often homepages look like on all kinds of blogs. Especially if the blog has a specific topic and the reader wants to know what kind of information can be found on this site. Typically, in such a case you will find a separate section on the page, which will be described in a few sentences what the blog is about and what information can be found on it. Today’s world is rushing around us, so you have literally a few seconds to interest a potential reader of your blog. Especially if the texts are long. However, nothing is lost! You can simply get some animation for your homepage, which could briefly present the topic of your blog 🙂

Screen from animation

The reader is more likely to watch a few seconds of “teaser” than read a long description. In addition, if the animation is surprising and original, it will be more likely to be remembered. This makes it more likely that the reader will return to your site in the future.

The introduction is only the beginning.

Of course, the homepage is not the only place on your website where you can place an animation. You can also find space for it in your blog posts and subpages. They will help to better illustrate the situations described, and also make the viewer more interested. As a rule, posts with additional graphics or animations are more interesting for the reader than entries with only text. Here again, it is worth quoting a sentence that has already appeared on our website for some time, but which perfectly describes the motive for creating animations: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”