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At tomeckiStudio, I care about the customer's well-being. That is why I have created my own system to make communication between me and you much more pleasant and easier. With the help of this system you can easily track the progress of your work, provide me with information and much more!

Why did I develop this application?

Access to all documents
View, download and manage all the agreements and invoices you receive from me. Your dashboard will also give you information on how to sign a new agreement and the possibility to pay your invoice by bank transfer, card, Revolut and PayPal.
Communicate at high speed. Send text and voice messages, photos, videos and other files.
"BugTracker" system
Highlight the element requiring improvement and easily add the request to the system in a few simple steps.
Sign up to the affiliate programme and earn! In the panel you can easily track the effectiveness of your marketing ;)