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Create Demo Site System

Selling a plugin or theme? Create Demo Site System allows you to show users what your product looks like in action before they buy it.

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What does the plugin contain?

Google reCaptcha / mathCaptcha
Page cloning
Customise the page you want a user to get
4 email templates + possibility to upload your own
Choose from 4 templates that one which will appeal to your customers. You can also upload your own
Saving disk space
Automatically delete pages after a specified time
Phone with cdss preview
Option: Demo can only be created by logged-in users
Do you want to limit spam? Or maybe only some people can create demos?
Automatic login
Once the demo is created, the user are automatically logged into their site
Thank You Page
After creating the demo, redirect the user to the "thank you" page and allow them to automatically log in via a special button
Integration with mailing platforms
Collect users' email addresses into MailChimp or FreshMail, or into a local database

But that is not all!

  • Welcome email to user
  • Possibility to set up SMTP
  • Collection of emails for the newsletter (.csv)
  • MailChimp integration
  • FreshMail integration

Do you need a plugin?

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