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Web applications

Using PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, etc. I create web applications such as administration panels, CRM & ERP and more...

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I create plugins for the WordPress content management system based on the PHP language.

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Mobile applications

I develop mobile applications using Java and Swift, and mobile games written in C#.

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Need an out-of-the-box IT solution and looking for a developer? I can create a unique application (web, mobile, desktop), a plug-in to an existing solution (e.g. WordPress), or even a game (mobile, web) for you. Or maybe you are already using a solution and it’s time to improve it? I have a lot of experience in these areas and would be happy to discuss your needs. I can also advise on the choice of technologies for creating and developing IT products. In particular, we specialise in the following technologies and languages: WWW: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery Mobile devices, applications, games: Java, C#

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A system for communication between me and the client. Allows you to share information and files, check progress on a project, track the effectiveness of the affiliation programme and much more

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An interactive mutlimedia guide that you can buy at a very good price and time without having to worry about the whole process of choosing a developer.

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Create Demo Site System

Selling a plugin or theme? Create Demo Site System allows you to show users what your product looks like in action before they buy it.

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Woo Product Reservation System

Allow your customers to reserve a product and only pay for it when it goes on sale. This way, you know how many units to buy and your customers can be sure to get the quantity they ordered.

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Why me?

5 years of experience
5 years of professional experience in IT: websites, e-shops, software, web and mobile applications, animations, video editing...
4 years of computer technical school, currently studying computer science in United Kingdom and many certificate courses
Don't buy a pig in a poke. Check details...
At tomeckiStudio, I care about the customer's well-being. That's why I have developed my own system to make communication between me and you much more pleasant and easier. With this system, you can easily track the progress of your work, provide me with information and much more!
It's simple - only here can you order an app, customised to the needs of your business unit, organisation, company, etc. At the same time, you don't have to pay as much as it would normally cost to order and create it.
It's a arcade game. Ideal for stress relief, reset, road, waiting room, and more. Enter the world of Hexer. Overcome traps and earn rewards. Be careful, it's addictive! :)
Many certificate courses
Including: courses on application and software cyber security from Securitum, C++, Cisco IT
2017 - present
Aberystwyth University
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
2020 - 2024
ZSTiO "Meritum" in Poland
IT technician
2016 - 2020
Cooperation with experts in related industries: hosting, SEO, graphic designing, copywriting...
Cooperation with various marketing agencies
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Incredible service, I'm absolutely delighted with the website built by tomeckiStudio. It is even better than expected. I lacked the confidence to build it myself or the cash flow to have it produced by any of the web design companies i had approached previously. The low cost and quick service seemed almost too good to be true but they delivered exactly what i wanted with a super fast turnaround. 100% recommend cooperation with tomeckiStudio and will certainly be back again to purchase some of the wide range of products they offer. Very happy customer!


I recommend Tomasz Namysło as a trustworthy, honest, very good specialist and conscientious contractor who fulfils his tasks in 100%. What is most important, Tomasz is very inventive, which influences the quality, functionality of implemented concepts and time of execution. He is very effective and hard-working. Together with the Start-Sport Foundation, which I represent, we carried out a project for a precious metals shop I am very impressed with Tomasz's talent and the course of our cooperation. Having already extensive experience of working with many programmers, I can honestly say that I would like to carry out further projects only with Tomasz and his team. I am glad that our common passion for action has joined our paths.

Maciej Rybicki - CEO of Start-Sport Foundation

I sincerely recommend to all potential clients the services of tomeckiStudio as a partner in creating and implementing e-commerce solutions. I am very pleased with the cooperation undertaken, in particular with the professional approach to the needs presented and the technical support obtained. It is my pleasure to give the above recommendation.

Wojciech Fularczyk

I highly recommend cooperation with Mr Tomasz. Full professionalism, everything according to the deadlines. You can count on help and good ideas from Mr Tomek, he gives great advice and suggests new solutions. Apart from that, what I asked for was done almost immediately. Quick contact and good cooperation.

Ewelina from Poznań

Extremely Professional, he did exactly what I asked. I absolutely the speed and professionalism of his work. I highly recommend.

Rijo Joe

If you need out of the box thinking and an amazing design, tomeckiStudio is your best choice.


We started cooperation with tomeckiStudio in terms of creating and implementing a new e-commerce platform. The order was executed solidly and on time, according to all agreements. We are satisfied with the cooperation and recommend Mr Tomasz's services.

Ireneusz Samonek Nut-City Director

Contact me if you:

  • need a website or an online shop,
  • have questions about my services,
  • have questions about plugins or applications,
  • would like to cooperate with me.