Affiliate Programme‚Äč

Earn with the tomeckiStudio affiliate programme for every sale!


Receive 20% for each website or online store from your recommendation.


Receive 20% from each animation sold.


Recommend our products, like plugins and earn!

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How much can I earn?


The cheapest animation costs $5, meaning you get min. $1 for each animation.

Websites and e-shops:

The cheapest website costs $100, meaning you get min. $20 for the simplest website. E-shops go up to $1000, meaning you can get up to $200!


You can receive $13 for every copy of the Create Demo Site System plugin sold.

How does our affiliate programme work?
1. When you register, you receive a link and a promotional code.
2. Recommend our services to whom you wish.
3. Earn money on every order (websites, animations, plugins, etc.)
*tomeckiStudio reserves the right to change the terms of service.*