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Affiliate Programme

Better to ask the way than to go astray (FAQ)

How much can I earn?
Websites and e-shops:
The cheapest website costs £200, meaning you get min. £40 for the simplest website. E-shops go up to £2000, meaning you can get up to £400!
You can receive 20% for every copy of my plugins sold.
The cheapest animation costs £10, meaning you get min. £2 for each animation.
How does your affiliate programme work?
1. When you register, you receive a account details to my own CRM, where you have a promotional code and statistics.
2. Recommend my services to whom you wish.
3. Earn money on every order (websites, animations, plugins, etc.)
Are there any rules?
Yes, all the rules can be found at this link: Terms and conditions of the affiliate programme

*tomeckiStudio reserves the right to change the terms of service.*

Contact me if you:

  • need a website or an online shop,
  • have questions about my services,
  • have questions about plugins or applications,
  • would like to cooperate with me.