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Video animation as advertising. How to go about it.

What should be kept in mind?

Good animation is a guarantee of recognition and originality. It also gives the audience a chance to remember the communicated information for a longer time. Keep in mind that the more out-of-the-box the animation is, the better. It is not a problem to create a simple video in which we advertise, for example, a wonderful washing powder which will remove every stain. A video in which we tell something about the product, introduce it and show the effects will not make a special impression on anyone. There are already thousands of such videos. You might therefore think that creating an original advertisement is a very challenging exercise in today’s world. After all, each of us watches dozens of ads a day, whether on television, billboards or the Internet. More often we watch ads on the Internet, where in a very easy way any person can post some video, for example on YouTube. However, if we keep a few things in mind, we have a good chance to create something that will stay in the viewer’s memory for a long time. New films appear every day on the web and there are still plenty of fresh ideas.

We remember better when we involve feelings.

Recall any ads that have been memorable to you for a long time. After analysing this, you can easily discover that the most effective ads are those that engage our feelings and emotions. Recently, whole series of adverts, featuring a longer, often touching story, have become popular. There are many examples, such as Coca-Cola or McDonald’s.

USA kinder and assault
One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one.
We won’t sell Kinder chocolate eggs in the interest of child safety. Why not assault weapons?
(Print advertisement created by Grey, Canada for Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.)

Therefore, if we want our advertisement firstly to catch the viewer’s attention and secondly to be remembered by them, it is necessary to refer to feelings. It may be a sad or happy story, it may be an accurate arrangement of sentences, which in an emphatic way will show some problem. It can simply be a presentation, with specific real-life examples, of a present-day issue and the application of a solution. Firstly, the most important thing is to include an accurate message in the material, and because a picture is worth a thousand words… Secondly, the production itself should play on the emotions of the viewer, so that they unconsciously want to get involved in our story.

Let us not forget the power of the Internet.

You can find almost everything on the web. Starting from simple product advertisements, ending with guides, presentations and scientific research results. If we want to make our company or product known by the largest possible audience, we have to put it on the Internet. The advertisement can be placed on social networks like Facebook or YouTube, where anyone can post a video and anyone can also leave comments on others’ videos.  And let’s not forget about a website, if you have one. Video posted on the Internet allows for better interaction with the viewer, not only because everyone can access it. Also, because everyone can comment and leave a trace of their reaction. This is because comments are an enormous power of communication. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter whether they are positive or negative, it just matters that they are. The more comments, the more people want to watch the material. It makes the film more interesting – if so many people have already watched it, why shouldn’t I? Comments also let us know our audience better. Their opinions and suggestions can often be helpful in creating future materials. Remember also that many platforms reward commented materials by automatically promoting them.

Who are we targeting with the animation?

We must not forget that the audience will not always be the same and that different groups will not always have the same requirements. We will create different videos for children, others for teenagers and others for adults. There will be different language, different examples and a different way of presenting a given topic. This is where the issue of comments comes in again, as it also allows us to identify the audience. This will help us to create content in the future that will reach them better or, if we want to gain the attention of a different audience, to think about changing the next advertisements. So, as you can see, there are a few things to pay attention to if you want to be good at creating new video content. However, nothing is impossible, you just need to spend some time and have a bit of desire. Don’t forget to take a look at our other articles that will help you pay attention to specific areas of advertising and how to customize them. We keep our fingers crossed for the development of your creativity! Certainly the content available in the animations tab will help you with that 🙂