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Better to ask the way than to go astray (FAQ)

Can the price of services differ from what I see on the calculator?
The final price of services may differ from the quote in the calculator as we are unable to include all variables. It only serves as a preview of the approximate price.
Why is a page with an Elementor plugin cheaper?
The page with the Elementor PRO is cheaper because after the license ends you will have to renew it in order to continue using Elementor PRO.
You do not need to renew your license for Elementor because the site will continue to work properly.
You only need to renew the license if you want to make changes to the page that include Elementor PRO and if you want support or updates.
Can I change my conception of the project after sending you the quote?
Of course. Once you send us a quote, we will reply to your message immediately and then you can tell us about the new design version.
*tomeckiStudio reserves the right to change the terms of service.*