The marketing potential is huge. Every month billion unique users use the YouTube. The way of changes confirms Facebook which promotes that way of transfer.
The biggest brands, which more and more often run video campaigns, also see it. For example Toyota, Coca-Cola, Jeep. This revolution is also visible in Poland. according to the report PwC “Global entertainment and media outlook 2014-2018” the value of the advertising market related to online video content is growing in Poland at a rate of 45% per annum to reach over PLN 600 million in 2018.
Abowe examples show that video marketing has a huge potential. Consumers appreciate films because they act on many senses and are more engaging than plain text, or even content supported by graphics.
It is said that one photo is worth even a thousand words. A one-minute movie that takes dozens of photos (frames) per second should be worth at least 100,000 words. Long elaborates can be easily replaced by a few seconds video. In addition, the video is more suggestive because the viewer does not have to have a vivid imagination to view live images. Although the movie has its limitations and is not able to replace the content in any case, its role in communication becomes more and more important.
Due to the fact that the films are more engaging the recipient then they are more inclined to concentrate, and thus to absorb the message. Wherefore, we increase the chances that our recipient will watch our message until the end.
Besides, there are more and more efficient mobile networks. Cisco said mobile data usage has increased by 4,000 times over the last 10 years, and the average speed of mobile connections in the world in 2015 alone increased by 20%. Cisco also predicts that movies will account for 79% of consumer traffic on the Internet in 2018.
That kind of communication form is for the recipient the most natural and at the same time it is easier to access. Social media users love video content as well. Movies attract their attention, entertain them and provide a distinction.
In conclusion – you have two possibilities:
a) keep up with trends and also use video in your marketing activities,
b) be far behind, with all the consequences…

The choice is probably obvious, so start with creating your own intro. You’re welcome! 🙂