IT solutions in conscious business.

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Are you sure you know who will see your confidential information?

What will you do if one day you lose access (or control) to your contractor database, invoices, strategic information, or even websites?

Not real enough? Well, then learn the story of one of our clients who one day found out that his IT specialist – a system administrator went to the other country far away and there was no contact with him. This client, when he understood the scale of the problem, he asked us for help in trying to recover everything else that was possible. We succeeded but there was a lot of work because the problem concerned a large part of the service which generates most of the client’s profits. Unfortunately, it was not possible to recover all the information but the business was saved. What is even worse, the credibility of his business, developed over many years, has suffered greatly. And the costs, both financial and time ones.

How likely is this scenario?

It is really hard to find businesses that can resist computerization. From corporations, through the so-called SMEs, to one-man businesses, today almost everyone is forced to use different types of software, and the world is slowly turning into the one big computing cloud.

And the situation is just beginning. This is not only forced by the market and competition itself but also by newer and newer legal regulations which force us to do more. Examples? Progressive computerization of budget units, increasing automation of controls, upcoming changes in personal data protection management. It would take a long time to count…

Some of these actions are completely imposed and leave entrepreneurs just little room for manoeuvre. And in this article we will omit (un)security issues in these areas. There are, however, aspects where it is the entrepreneurs themselves who choose the solutions they want (or must) use. One of such area is hosting – renting external resources and servers. And here the first problem appears. Did you know that many providors are de facto small, often one-man businesses whose business idea looks like, for example, a graphic design?

What does this mean, what is the threat? Accidents happen to people… In the case of the worst scenario, we may have a problem with recovering the latest data, not being able to migrate (i.e. saving our entire output), etc. Often such people work on a regular basis and treat this business casually, so you may have a problem with support or reaction to failures. It is not uncommon that an entrepreneur receives a lucrative offer and throws everything away overnight, leaving his clients with a problem (see: above example).

On the other hand, giants are often already “production lines” in which the quality of service for a single customer is already at a horrific level. Imagine a situation in which you need support here and right now. And your request is answered by an automatic machine or a temporary employee, working on a “paste template” basis, in addition after a few days.

What can you do to avoid the danger?

Make a conscious choice! Search for an offer without such extremes. A supplier who, on the one hand, has the resources to effectively support you in a moment of need, but at the same time is not a factory, building up a mass customer base to sell it to an even bigger player. Choose a supplier who runs this business not only for profit, but above all by vocation. And read, broaden your knowledge – be aware.

I know, you have million things on your mind, and the day is notoriously too short. But think about it – already today IT often plays a strategic role in many businesses, and it will be even more serious. In many cases hosting is one of the pillars of business, a guarantee of its continuity. The wrong choice, sooner or later, can take revenge, not only for unnecessary costs, but also a threat to the enterprise itself. Are you sure it is worth the risk?

What should you do, here and right now?

First, you could read our other studies, such as the article “How to choose a good hosting? Arguments more important than emotions.”, where we describe in more detail the rules of selecting the right offer. We prove that price is an important factor, but certainly not the most important. Or the article “With the keyboard among VPSs, in the land of hosting services. Part 1: But, what is it all about?”, where we explain what virtualiation is really about, i.e. what are the increasingly popular VPSs and what to pay attention when choosing them.

However, the most important issue is that you make the right decision and entrust the hosting part of your business to specialists. Servizza offers you in this area, not only a wide range of possibilities, but also support of unprecedented quality or administration provided by specialists in 365/7/24 mode.

Don’t wait until fate decides for you how to lose your hard-earned money. Make a conscious choice right now and gain high quality at a reasonable price.


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