In this article, we will show step by step all the process of buying animation.

  1. Chose a category that interests you, and then a specific animation temple:

2. Fill a form in which enter indicated content – for example, texts which should include your animation and a link to the file with the logotype. Fields marked “*” (a star) are compulsory, the rest are optional (they will be missed if you do not provide anything). Check carefully if there is no mistake and click “add to the cart”:

After confirmation of adding to cart, click “view cart”:

Check if all provided information is correct and confirm your order through clicking “proceed to checkout”:

Log in if you have already had an account in our system or fill a form. Decide if you need an invoice, by the way:

Chose a comfortable way of payment for you (PayPal, DotPay or direct transfer), verity reCAPTCHA and place an order through clicking “Place order”

The system will display order confirmation if everything is correct:

Check your mailbox – you receive a message from us on your email which you provided in the form or which you registered in our system. NOTE! This message should be on your email maximum to a couple of minutes, in the other case check a spam folder. The temple of our message:

In case of any doubts, we will allow ourselves to contact a specialist who will realize your order. However, if your order will be alright for us, you can expect your order in 24-48 hours (working days), from the moment of booking your order.