Animations can be used in many different ways, in many different areas and areas of business. Short video forms also have another advantage, because they can be used repeatedly, both independently and as elements of various major productions. Below you will find only a few examples that you can treat as an inspiration.

  1. Logo or brand presentation. A multimedia form of communication with which the customer will be easier to identify and remember.
  2. Whiteboard – special cartoons, cartoons. In a few minutes, they provide clients with information about the company, brand or its products. For almost 10 years, they have been used by the marketing, sales and HR departments of the largest companies. Recently, they have become popular in Poland.
  3. Explainer video – short videos that explain complicated things in a simple way. They usually talk about new products, services, processes or company strategies. Explainers are used by thousands of companies around the world.
  4. Digital Storytelling. It is a form of a multimedia story that can use elements of animation combined with video and photos, additionally enriched with background music and the voice of the lector. Their main assumption is to create an interesting story around a given issue, in an accessible way.
  5. Infographics – if we add valuable multimedia information to a flexible image, the effect will be customer engagement. The materials will not only improve the brand’s recognition but also positively affect its image.
  6. Product animations – modern technical solutions give many opportunities to present products, often in an unprecedented way. An example may be photorealistic 3D models presenting complex interiors of everyday products. Product animations give the field for attractive display of various technological solutions. They also help in the presentation of complex systems and applications.