New website:​

Our last project was a creation of the e-commerce presenting various types of workshops. It is a website for everyone who would like to spend their free time in a creative way on meetings and various types of workshops. In a clear and interesting way, the main events, and suggestions for spending free time with […]

IT solutions in conscious business.

Are you sure you know who will see your confidential information? What will you do if one day you lose access (or control) to your contractor database, invoices, strategic information, or even websites? Not real enough? Well, then learn the story of one of our clients who one day found out that his IT specialist […]

How to get your own website

The first way to get your own website is to use online drag and drop tools like this solution, you can control everything, but it takes plenty of time. We can help you with that. Don’t worry! You can also have the website with a minimum of time and for a small price.On the […]