Animacja wideo jako reklama jak ugryźć temat

O czym należy pamiętać? Dobra animacja jest gwarancją rozpoznawalności i oryginalności. Daje też odbiorcy szansę, aby zapamiętał przekazywaną informację na dłużej. Należy jednak pamiętać o tym, że im bardziej jest nieszablonowa, tym lepiej. Nie jest problemem stworzenie prostego wideo, w którym reklamujemy na przykład wspaniały proszek do prania, który usunie każdą plamę. Wideo, w którym […]

Transfer your blog to a higher level

Originality is the basis of the popularity of the blog Do you have any passions, interests and dreams? Maybe you love writing and you want to share your stories with the world? Maybe you travel a lot and you want to share your experiences with others? Or maybe you just have your company and you […]

How to order intro video animation

In this article, we will show step by step all the process of buying animation. Chose a category that interests you, and then a specific animation temple: 2. Fill a form in which enter indicated content – for example, texts which should include your animation and a link to the file with the logotype. Fields […]

How does business use video for marketing communications?

Animations can be used in many different ways, in many different areas and areas of business. Short video forms also have another advantage, because they can be used repeatedly, both independently and as elements of various major productions. Below you will find only a few examples that you can treat as an inspiration. Logo or […]

Video marketing potential

The marketing potential is huge. Every month billion unique users use the YouTube. The way of changes confirms Facebook which promotes that way of transfer.The biggest brands, which more and more often run video campaigns, also see it. For example Toyota, Coca-Cola, Jeep. This revolution is also visible in Poland. according to the report PwC […]

There are many animations, but how to choose the right one?

Good animation means greater recognition With today’s standards, an animation is almost essential to make our business more interesting, more noticeable and remembered for a long time. This issue is obvious for every modern entrepreneur. There is still, the question: how to choose animation properly harmonized with the industry we are dealing with? It’s not […]